Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Can Has Ninja?

Last week one of the small art galleries here (and I do mean small) ran an exhibition for what I regard as the coolest self-published comic in New Zealand- Ninjet.*

So, Ninjet is about a ninja cat. I would link you to content, but is currently dead, so I won't. What I will do is show you the art I picked up, penned by the enigmatic, singularly-monikered ninja cat mastermind, Drake ;)

This right here is one of my favourite pages (printed version on right)

I've had this blown up as a poster on my wall for a few months, so it rocks to actually get the original!

It wasn't actually part of the exhibition, but Drake being the cool guy that he is let me have it.

This one was on display, and it rocks:

I can't show you the published version, my copy of the issue is hiding somewhere in the depths of a comic box and doesn't want to be found.

As anyone familiar with me would expect, this calls for more framing of artwork. I'm still planning for the first picture, but the 2nd one I did yesterday:

A closer look at the logo- that's actually a badge I laid in there

And just incase you're wondering where all the purple came from, one of the covers:

It's replaced my Phil Jimenez 52 JLA splash on my bedroom wall, so it's in an honoured position ;)

*(not that I'm in any way an expert on the local indie comic scene, since by and large indie comics bore me so I tend to avoid them. They usually try to be too clever for their own good, or aren't as funny as their authors think they are).