Sunday, March 25, 2007

How not to treat girls, Takion special edition

Firestorm gets some time off from crushing Doreen's heart. Filling in today is one of my favourite other flame-haired (well, kind of) guys, Takion.

Ok, so you've just gotten really impressive super powers, which allow you to do pretty much anything you can think of. You look cool too.

Understandably, your girlfriend is a little shocked by this development, but hey, she'll get over it, I'm sure. But it never hurts to show her you love her. Women tend to like it when you buy them nice things. Most guys go for flowers or chocolates, however, think of how impressed she'll be if you get her something big, like a new car or, I don't know... aircraft carrier?

Only, remember NOT TO DROP IT ON HER.

Women don't like it when you drop things on them.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Power Girl

So there's a Draw Power Girl meme doing the rounds at the moment.

I really shouldn't be posting this, because my drawing ability is still stuck in 1995, but never let bad art get in the way of a bad joke. Really, this was a one-trick idea, because I thought it could be amusing to do PG as Firestorm, purely so I could incorporate the boob window into the chest logo. I'd do something serious, but I can't draw well enough for it to really be worth the effort, so you get to suffer with this instead *evil grin*

Marvel Team-up #137

It's time for:

Ok, so first off I'll admit that while yes, the whole premise is completely absurd, I was temporarily sucked in by the cover blurb stating "Not a hoax! Not a what if! Not an imaginery story!". As it turns out, the whole thing is a dream, which makes me wonder what definition of "imaginary story" they were thinking of in the disclaimer, but never mind.
In my defense however, what made me hope this was atleast somewhat grounded in the dark (very dark) depths of continuity, was the opening sequence where Nova dies while in service to Galactus.

Seems I took leave of my senses with the idea that, if Nova had died in a story in 1984, Galactus obviously had some way to bring her back, thus her death 10+ years later may have some way of being reversed now. But sadly not. Anyway, a weakened Galactus sets off to Earth to find a new herald.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the Fantastic 4, Spider-man, MJ, and Aunt May are all attending a circus. Reed dsicovers trouble brewing somewhere (by reading a newspaper over someone's shoulder, so clearly it's something that has only just happened and needs urgent attention! Gotta love those instant printing presses). The Thing isn't happy at the prospect of leaving the circus early though.

They survive Ben's tantrum, and rush off, with Spidey in tow. Bad timing though, because just as they leave, Galactus turns up, looking for Reed. He finds Franklin Richards instead, and seeing great power in him, decides he'd make a good herald. But he forgot one thing - don't mess with Aunt May!

Aunt May runs interferance, and behold:

The Golden Oldie!


But it gets worse, with Galactus calling her that too.

Then, just incase there was any doubt about where this story was going, Franklin comes foward with a plan to help Galactus. Twinkies! (well, "Twinkles", the low-fat, not-get-sued variety of Twinkies)

Couldn't possibly work, right? Anyway, a skeptical Galactus tries it, and...

I'm not sure if this says good things about what they put in twinkies, or not.
Golden Oldie (ugh) searches the planet and collects the entire world's supplies of the "Golden Sponge Cake with a Creamy Filling". As always though, Galactus hungers, so Oldie is sent off to space to find planets for him. She makes an interesting discovery:

A planet sized Twinkie! But it's creator is guarding it. What could happen?

"They may ridicule me... but they know of my planets!"
"But I do not!"
"It's not a donut!"

So yeah, it turns out this guy has been building planets for a god, which just happens to be Galactus. Oldie suggests he become the new herald, and she is released back to Earth.

The end.

eeek, a Civil War post

While I was never silly enough to actually read Civil War (I learned to stay away from Marvel 'events' over 10 years ago, what was everyone else reading?), I did follow it somewhat via the blogsphere. I thought this part from Moon Knight #8, MK sticking it to the Cap, summed things up well

The last couple of MK issues have been pretty solid, it gets a stay of execution for now.