Saturday, December 30, 2006

A few random thoughts about 2006

Things that were good:
  • Power Girl not being killed off in Infinite Crisis. It looked like it was on the cards for a while there.
  • Keith Giffen's take on the Silver Surfer. In a word, perfect. Philosophical without being whiny, restrained with his powers until given no choice, and then when he does use them... that part in Annihilation:Silver Surfer #1 where he opens up a black hole on top of Annihilus's goons was pure magic. Best Silver Surfer portrayl since the first 30 or so issues of SS vol.3. Loved the interaction with Galactus too.
  • Jamal Igle and Stewart Moore on Firestorm. It was so much fun, their departure has left me feeling like my favourite comic has been cancelled.
  • Phil Jimenez and Geoff Johns actually coming all the way to New Zealand for a convention.
  • The return of Moon Knight. That first issue was amazing. Shame about what's followed though...
Things that were not so good:
  • Black Canary being taken out of Birds Of Prey. She was only, like, the main character. I've never really been in to the Justice League.
  • Infinite Crisis. Now, that's not to bash it, because it was alright, but I'm not a fan of these big 'event' mini's that impact on alot or all of a company's titles. I only bought it so that I would stay up to date on anything that turned out to be important for the DC universe as a whole. I don't care about Superman or Wonder Woman, plus there were an awful lot of characters that I'm not particularly familiar with, so much of it was lost on me. And is it just me or was that whole Rann/Thanagar thing actually kinda pointless in terms of it's relation to IC?
  • The new team on Hawkgirl. Chaykin's art was abysmal, the writing was off, and the editor even managed to screw things up (someone had to know that Grubs and that other police guy already knew Kendra's identity, the whole death-bed-revelation about knowing who she was, was a joke).
  • Moon Knight after issue #1. I still don't understand it.
  • The Creeper. The first Batman comic I read had the Creeper in it, and while I've never kept up to date on the character, the prospect of the new mini had me excited, from a nostalga point of view. Then it turned out it was a reboot, and then the reboot turned out to not really be that interesting. *sigh*
Probably more to come when I think of it ;)

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