Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mini toy review: Grimlock

I've been trying not to buy any of the Transformers Animated line. I love the look, and knowing me, if I buy one I'll want to buy them all. My resistance has finally caved though, with the arrival of Grimlock!

Dinobots are awesome, I had to. Plus he's so cute. Err, in a manly dinosaur kind of way...

He's part of the "Activator" line, so he can jump to robot mode at the push of a button, which I'm sure would've kept me amused for hours as a little kid. Hell, I've already played with the function enough as it is.

His T-rex form is also really cool. It creates a bit of a problem though. Afterall, in robot mode, that head's gotta go somewhere...

Yeah, standing up on his own is not really going to happen. Not falling over aside, his articulation and poseability is excellent. Hey Grimlock, how big was that Decepticon you caught?

Groovy. As with most smaller scale Transformers these days, his joints are of the plastic ball/socket variety, designed to pop apart if you put even a fraction too much strain on them, which even with my casual 'play' to see how it moved, had this result a bit too often for my taste:

Overall, a really cool looking figure, but a little lacking in a few key areas (Standing up and not falling apart). Not a problem for me, since it's just going to sit on a shelf for the rest of it's life, but something to consider if you're planning on taking the fight to Megatron.

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