Friday, February 18, 2011

Space Elves Invade!

Was just going through some old backups today, and stumbled upon these photos of my old Warhammer 40k Eldar army. This would've been about 5 years ago around the time I stopped playing. From memory this was around about 8,000 points in 3rd Edition (for those of you that know of such things). A bunch of this stuff's no longer game-legal, but still cool (my entirely converted Harlequin army, and my Warp Spider army which I miss the most).

This is a bit (well, very) grainy due to being taken on actual film, but here's the entire army:

I tried to convert most of my character models. I especially like how this one came out, with the head and left arm from one model transplanted onto another:


From the moment I first saw a Falcon grav tank, I wanted to fill in the gap at the front. Eventually I did.

I loved Warp Spiders so much I made an entire army of them. Yes, I painted a spider web on the back of each model.

Ahhh Swooping Hawk exarch, how I loved you in 3rd Edition

Although it must be said, he would fail and die just as often as he would rip a squad apart. More often, actually.

Jetbikes never really did it for me, but I do like this one:

Some of my Exarchs (squad leaders for you n00bs). I named them all using Sumerian.

I'm a big fan of drybrushing

...and then there were my Harlequins. Every model is converted in some way, I basically used the project as an excuse to use any model that I thought was cool.

Death Jesters with Bright Lances:

...and a few group shots to round things off

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