Sunday, October 12, 2014

Janice Race, Defender Of Dignity Everywhere

... or at the very least, this one time as editor of a Firestorm comic.

As a collector of original comic art, one of the things I really like is getting hold of a page from the pre-digital age. I really like having the dialog written on the page. I also really like that the editor would request changes to the art by writing directly on the finished art itself. It means people like me can come along years later, and see a little bit of the creative process behind the production, which I think is awesome.

A few days ago, I received Page 7 from The Fury Of Firestorm #42 (1985). Pencils by Rafael Kayanan, inks by Akin and Garvey (I have no idea who did what pages).
The issue revolves around an interesting team-up between Firehawk and Wonder Girl, with Firestorm himself not making an appearance.

In the page margin next to the first panel, editor Janice Race requests a change to "raise neckline a bit".
Obviously the above picture is after the correction, but thanks to the white-out used we can kinda see what it was going to look like before:
That was a pretty low cut. Good thing Donna Troy had Janice Race looking out for her modesty.

Man, we could've used a few Janice Race's in the 90's, right?

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