Sunday, January 28, 2007

How not to treat girls, featuring Firestorm

Meanwhile over in Ronnie Raymond land, Doreen still can't get any respect.
Things start out well:

So they've just exchanged their first "I love you"'s, how romantic. But, someone went and left the TV on...

Personally, I'd be dying to hear how Doreen was going to finish that sentence, but oh why not, just go ahead and turn your attention to the TV report, you big jock dumbass.
"Mad men attack hospital!". Sounds like a job for Firestorm!

Yep, Ronnie just told his girlfriend he loves her, now he's running out the door because a hospital is under attack. Oh yeah, his superhero girlfriend is a patient there. This would be a good time to run out the door saying her name...

Way to go, asshat.

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