Monday, July 2, 2007


I had been planning to go to the movie on Saturday, but I was kindof late getting in to the city, so just missed the 1:45 screening, and didn't feel like hanging around until the 3:20 show. Weird times, I had been expecting it to screen every hour, like F4 had. My fault for not looking it up first.

Sunday rolls around, and I decided to aim for 1:45. Arrived around midday, since I like to get in early and get allocated a good seat. Almost 2 hours to kill though, which presented problems.

First up was a visit to McDonalds for lunch. At a nearby table was a girl that used to be in my class through most of high school. She saw me, but we were never friendly, so I ignored her (if you never spoke to me in highschool, don't expect me to talk to you now). What took me though, was that she had three little kids with her, all the same age, and all looked pretty much the same. Guess she had triplets, which is stunning since she was (and still is) tiny- rake thin and no more than 5'. I wanted to go and ask her how she fitted them all in.

Then it was time for surprise #2. Looking to kill time, I went in to a video game arcade. The games all have these swipe card things, plus what looked like a coin slot. It wasn't though, because it wouldn't accept any of my change. I asked the guy on the counter, to see if there were tokens or something, but apparently they only use pre-pay swipe cards now. WTF? When did this happen? I was only looking to spend a couple of dollars, so I flagged it and walked out. Which sucks, because they had my old favourite, Bubble Bobble, which I can play for 20 minutes on one credit on a good day (well, many years ago now). So instead, I stood outside the theater watching people walk past the stripclub/brothel directly across the street. A couple of people even went in, which was amusing.

Anyway, movie time. They screened it in one of the small rooms, half the size of the main ones, which kinda sucked seeing as it's a new release. I remember when plans for a live-action Transformers movie were first announced, and I thought there was no way it was going to be any good. Glad to see I was wrong- it was awesome. Was a fraction too long, but that's a minor complaint. It had everything I want in a movie- genuine unforced humor, awesome visual effects, cool fights, and a couple of main characters that were interesting and easy to relate to.

Going home, it was pouring and I got soaked, now I have a cold. I think it was worth it though.

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