Sunday, July 1, 2007

The week in review

Look out, a mass of negativity is on the way...

Moon Knight #11
Ugh, this thing's a mess. I do like the tone Huston is giving this title, but overall the writing is just a mess. This story bounces around from present to past so many times it becomes incoherant. I finished it wondering what the hell was going on, and I refuse to go back to the previous issue to see if it helps- if the writing was any good I wouldn't need to. The story is decompressed in the bad "you could achieve all this in two issues, not six" way. The payoff in issue #12, which I assume will be the end of the current arc, better be freaking HUGE, or this one's getting dropped.

Cat Woman #68
I haven't read an issue since the Jim Balent days of old, and since everyone in the blogsphere seems to love this title, I figured it was worth a try. It was enjoyable, but it read extremely quickly. Nothing jumped out at me and screamed "you must read this book". So, I'll pass.

Brave and the Bold #4
This was doomed from the start, because I can't stand Lobo, at all. The non-Lobo scenes were good, and Supergirl ala Perez was great, but overall I was left feeling somewhat "meh".

Justice League Of America #10
I knew in advance it would suck, I only bought it so I'd have the ending to the story from those two JSA issues that didn't suck. So, there's 4 people in the two teams that are faster then the Flash... I can buy that, if the criteria is "moving in a straight line", but not otherwise.

Aquaman #53
This is the first issue by Tad Williams that I didn't really enjoy. It all just seemed "off" somehow, even the art.

Sword Of Atlantis has been enjoyable enough overall, but I'm beginning to get a bit sick of it, I want the real Aquaman back sometime soon. Consistently good stories are one thing, but I have no emotional investment in the characters- Aquafake could get killed in the most brutal of manners, and I wouldn't care in the slightest. Not caring about the title character on a book is a sign of doom, no matter how good the writing is.

Annihilation - Conquest prologue
This was surprising, not least because it turned up in my file despite me not ordering it, but everything Annihilation-related has been solid to brilliant so far, so I took it.
A really enjoyable story. So good in fact, that I'm going to add the 4 minis and Conquest proper to my pull list next time I'm in the store.
I loved how Moondragon and Quasar's relationship was made clear, but we didn't have to put up with a "yay, lesbians" splash page of them making out or anything. This is as heated as it got:

So yeah, atleast I get to end this thing on a positive note.

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