Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here Dark Horse, Have Some Of My Money

Public service announcement re: Dark Horse comics

I was having a look around Borders today, since I had a 30% off voucher. Their selection of trades, while big, isn't particularly exciting, so I was having a hard time finding something. Then I found this:

Dark Horse have begun collecting their superhero universe! This thing came out in January, somehow this is the first I knew about it. Almost 500 pages, collecting the debuts of the entire line (which was released in 4 groups of weekly comics), and one of the main (possibly the only? I forget) crossovers.

Granted the entire line lasted a shade over 2 years, so yeah they had their share of crap, but there were gems, such as my beloved X, and Ghost. Barbed Wire was shitty, but managed to be made into an equally shitty movie starring the always shitty Pamela Anderson and her shitty fake boobs. I'm about halfway through the first storyline, much of it I haven't read before, and it's been fun.

488 pages, $24.99US. Full colour too, though it's in standard new-release paperback novel size, not your standard comic trade size. I just looked it up, and it's paved the way for this (end of this month):

Awww hell yeah. Plus vol 2 in about 3 months, which is brilliant, because this series has been next to impossible to complete. You can probably tell from my irregular X Marks The Spot series, but if you like comics with attitude and plenty of tough-guy talk, you need to check these out.

I'm stoked to've found this. Even better, it was stickered at $55, but it scanned up at the US price (someone screwed up, and the cashier didn't notice), so with 30% off I got it for around $17 which is freakin sweet. I leave you with the opening page, which begins the story behind the cause of everyone suddenly developing super powers...

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