Friday, May 9, 2008

Eye-uhn mahn

I'm totally stealing a post from Chris Haley here. Now, you may've heard about the upcoming release of Iron Man replica helmets cast from those in the movie.

Very awesome, but very expensive. What alternatives might there be on eBay?

For the very cheap among you, there's the cardboard variety.

Then things get a bit more serious (and pricey). Here's an official helmet based on his first appearance:

Another officially licensed helmet (not movie related):

This one's a bit dopey looking:

Then there's an unoffical one with light up eyes

And a homebuilt kit based on the movie. It has no back though, so don't get too excited:

That's pretty close to the sort of thing I'd pick up (see my Guyver helmet). I'll be waiting until the release of those official helmets though, in the hopes someone makes a few casts from one.

Not content with just the mask? Try these:

But hands down the best Iron Man mask on eBay was this:

That's awesome.

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