Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once I Was a Comic...But Now I'm a Book About Tigers

Doing some stuff in the book department at work, I came across the above titled book. It's a book about tigers, printed on recycled paper, which may give you an idea about how disturbing this is about to get. Down the side of each page is a little story, an excerpt of which follows...



They must be Adventure Comics, because they're about to go on an adventure.

Poor thing, it's going to get flipped through by every kid that sees it. Goodbye "mint", hello "fine".

Oh sure, like that would really happen ;)


...then 20 years later regretted it and spent a fortune on a CGC copy.

Wait, what? The kid did what?

This is like that movie "From Dusk Til Dawn" that all of a sudden turns into a horror flick halfway though.

Look at the crazy comics, they're STILL SMILING! Perhaps it's better they don't know.


For the sake of everyone's sanity, I'm going to leave it there, because who needs to see more of that.

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Gemma said...

The kid she gave the comic to didn't even read it - ungrateful swine.