Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Framing Crazyness

As mentioned previously, I picked up a very cool page by Nicola Scott at the recent con. Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2 pg 7 to be precise ;) Since I see no point in buying something unless it's gonna get hung on the wall at some stage well, no time like the present.

I like my framing jobs to have something to do with colour schemes used in the costumes of the characters featured, so with Mera being there that lent itself to some greens.

Since the art is all pencil, I went with the light green so as not to overpower it (which was tough because I love the middle shade). For contrast I was torn between a gold or light orange (more in keeping with Aquaman than Mera really)

I've never done anything in metallics before, so gold won out (plus it plays into Mera's crown and trident).

The next problem with the page is what's actually NOT there- some of the panels run right to the edge of the working area and therefore don't have a defined edge of their own. Also, due to not being inked, there are crosses used in the negative spaces outside the panels (to let the inker know they should be black).

So right off the bat, you can see your basic rectangle mat is going to leave a lot of dead space visible, which I think would detract from the art itself. Solution:

Measuring out the the panels is time consuming, but I've done it before and I like the result (plus anyone that's followed this blog for a while knows I like doing things the hard way). With that, the finished product:

I was a little worried how the gold would play out in terms of being overpowering, but I think it works alright. Very happy with the end result.

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