Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old Random Casting Stuff

This is pretty much a nothing post, purely for my benefit. I was trying to explain to someone today about using hot glue (or Thermo Plastic if you want to sound all fancy) to cast costuming pieces. I jumped on here to pull up a few references, and discovered that I never actually finished off where I was going (nothing unusual there in regards to my blogging habits). So for my own future reference, here's a bunch of pics that round off what I started with this, only with the middle part missing (y'know, the actual clay sculpting and mold-making. I remember taking pictures, but as to where they are now...).

Hey, you can actually see the sculpted leg in the background here! That would be awesome if I'd actually planned the shot like that ha!

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Gemma said...

from a distance the first picture looked like cheese. I was wrong. The molds thing on your arm in the link (the blue one) looks like the space putty i bought. best £3 i ever spent