Monday, January 7, 2013

Art In Close-Up: Artist Hijinks

During one of my regular searches for artwork (Firestorm related, of course), I found the cover to Firestorm #2 (vol.2).
Awesome stuff. Upon closer inspection, I noticed this in the margin at the bottom left of the page:
Pat Broderick must've been pretty chuffed with his finished pencils and wanted to see them preserved. Of course these days the penciled art need never leave the artist's side. Back in 1982, I'd imagine it was a much less common (and quite impractical) request.

Raising this from "interesting" to "funny" is a second note to editor Len Wein written in the margin. In the bottom right margin is this response:
I assume this was written by Dick Giordano who was inking the series covers. I like to imagine him seeing the cover and deciding it would actually be quite fun to ink it, and adding this comment in jest.

As it turned out, there was an inked version of the cover done, but what saw print turned out to be markedly different from the original pencils:
I have no idea of the details behind this. As I see it either Pat Broderick drew it again, or Dick Giordano did a recreation of it. I have an inkling that I've seen the inked artwork online once before, but I can't for the life of me find it nor did I appear to save it (which I generally do with all Firestorm artwork I stumble across) so I guess not.

For anyone interested in the cover and with a spare $1,950 to burn, it is currently available here.

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