Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Enter: Brutallica

Courtesy of randomly digging through a cupboard and stumbling across something I hadn't seen in years, today I bring you: Brutallica!
Brutallica, unleashed on the world in 1992, was the creation of one Colin MacKenzie. I have no idea who Colin was or what has happened to him since, although one of his books has managed to get itself a listing in Google Books, albeit a blank entry. Of course, when I say "unleashed on the world" what I really mean by "world" is "New Zealand", and probably even more specifically "Auckland". As you can no doubt guess from the cover, this is your basic home produced comic book; Printed on a photocopier and most likely sold at the local comic shop. It's A4 size and clocks in at 7 pages. Here's the intro:
As near as I can tell this thing ran for 8 issues, plus one reprint collecting the first 3 issues (well it's probably more accurate to say "I have 9 issues and I'm guessing that's it". There's not really anyone I can ask about it.) According to the intro in #3, the first 2 issues sold 15 copies (I'm assuming that's total, not each). Brutallica cared not for social causes- he was all about killing stuff, mostly "just because". His first adventure:
Yeah. Ummm... take that McDonalds....
The pages that follow include Brutallica unleashing his fury on a government department, a heavy metal band, and a flock of birds:
I inherited these from a friend who left the country 10+ years ago. Still holding on to them, they've gotta be worth something one day surely... 

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