Friday, February 2, 2007

More purchases

Arrived at the comic shop this week:
Mr Terrific, Dr Midnite, and Hourman, so now I have a cool looking mini-JSA

Actually I tell a lie, I didn't buy them at the comic shop. I saw them there first, for $40 each, but on a hunch I went to the card shop, and they had them for $35. Neither shop had Hawkgirl, and I passed on the Atom figure since I'm not a fan. Hourman's head doesn't quite look right, and Mr Terrific has a bit too much of a scowl for my liking, but other than that they look pretty cool.

Then I get home, and find a couple of eBay purchases waiting for me. First off, there's this art print of Firestorm by Tom Flemming:

(it still has a bit of a curl to it since it was sent rolled up, hence the picture looking a bit off). As an added bonus, Tom drew Killer Frost in the bottom right corner

The pictures of that print that I've seen on the net don't do it justice. At the size it is (9.5" x 9.5" for the actual picture), it is friggin beautiful.

Next up, a picture of Firestorm (Jason), penciled my Jamal Igle and inked by Matt Talbot

Making it extra cool, the art came with a photo of Jamal with the drawing, to prove it's authenticity (see previous comments about being skeptical about art on ebay)

It doesn't really come out in the picture I took, but all the rough blue pencil lines are on it, which I think is neat, I love seeing a bit of 'behind the scenes' stuff to artwork. It cost me $20US, which I like much more than the $150 Jamal is charging for direct commissions (though I really want to get a pic of Firehawk off him).

Time to go buy some more picture frames.

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