Thursday, February 1, 2007

The great hunt begins

Seems like the time is fast approaching where I'll need to find new titles to read. My current roster is on shakey ground. Titles coming to an end soon:
  • Firestorm (Cancelled *sigh*)
  • Annihilation (which has kept me busy for months with the prelude mini's etc)
  • The Creeper (sucked horribly, my comic shop must be telepathic since the previous issue never made it's way in to my file. Hopefully they repeat the mistake for the final issue)
  • Omac (which I had no intention of buying, until it turned out Firestorm was in it)

Recent culls:
  • Hawkgirl/man (Ditching Chaykin hasn't seemed to help, based on the brief look I had in-store)
  • JSA Classified (The Vandal Savage story killed it for me)

In the danger zone:
  • Blue Beetle (I like it, but apparently it's close to cancellation territory)
  • Moon Knight (First issue rocked, then it stopped making sense. It has one more issue to convince me to stick around, and I love Moon Knight)
  • Green Lantern (Geoff Johns on JSA is magic, but he leaves me kinda cold on everything else. I could've sworn I asked for it to be taken off my pull list a couple of issues ago, but apparently not. The next issue better be good, or it's gone)

That leaves me with:
  • Justice Society
  • 52
  • Aquaman (my enthusiasm for it is sapped, with the impending writer change. I was enjoying it, and I'm looking foward to the new guy, but I find it hard to get interested in something that's about to end mid-stream. I'm the type that will drop a book the instant it gets cancelled, even if it has several issues still to come out. Firestorm is an exception, for obvious reasons :p)
  • Birds Of Prey
It's all left me feeling like it's the mid-90's again, where seemingly every title I got hooked on wound up cancelled just after I'd run out and bought all the back issues. Ghost Rider 2099, Takion, Bloodshot (whatever volume the last one was), House Of Secrets, Alpha Flight, X (the Dark Horse character, and the most infuriating title to do web searches for), and probably a bunch of others that are long forgotten.

There's a new Silver Surfer title on the way, but outside of that, I don't know.

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