Thursday, February 8, 2007

Remembering the important stuff

I was browsing ebay for comic art, and someone's selling a page from Spawn #46, saying it's the first appearance of a character called Tremor. I just sent them a message telling them that his first appearance was actually #25. It came out 13 years ago, but I still remember. I checked my Spawn collection just to be sure, and I was right. I find that amusing.

*dreams of the days when Spawn was a good comic*

Oh, and I found this auction for a Wonder Woman piece. The description disturbs me.
"You are bidding on a signed and numbered print of Wonder Woman undressing in a mirror and she is topless... yep that's right her top is down around her waist."

OMG, TOPLESS WONDERWOMAN!!!!! (lets just ignore you only see her back). Atleast the reserve is set to $1, so all the 14 year old boys can afford to bid.

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