Sunday, April 8, 2007

2000AD #1519 - 1522 Part 2

Alright, so I established yesterday that the ABC Warriors are awesome. But what of the other stories contained within the current 2000AD? Dire stuff. First up:

Nikolai Dante
I have no knowledge of this character outside of the 4 issues I just bought, but he seems like your general light-hearted trouble maker. This story finds him in the land of the Amazons, where every female he fights either starts out naked, or ends up that way. He has a big battle against a giant amazon, and somehow ends up hiding in her breasts

But that's easily countered, why, she takes off her top

This is all very lighthearted and I assume it's supposed to be amusing. By my way of thinking, it's more suited to the pages of Heavy Metal, or Penthouse Comix, than 2000AD. Light titilation for either young boys who think it's daring, or adults who only like comics with naked people (who also probably think it's daring). Then it's on to:


First glance seems to indicate it could be ok. Big ugly guys hacking other monsters to pieces is a good start. Also a potentially interesting story, what I assume are genetically altered humans, protecting the planet while humanity proper sleeps in stasis. It's been done before (Starriors!), but atleast it's in keeping with what I'd expect from 2000AD. The writing though is where it goes horribly wrong.

The main character is called "Gene the Hackman". That's just too clever for it's own good. The 3rd-person narrative is brutally retarded: "Them had found Gene... Them had found whetted death". Oooh, scary!
Gene also has an annoying way of talking:
"Scrap them dead!"
"Your mouth is full of wrong"
"Tougher and tough!" etc
That last one pops up with annoying frequency, and was starting to piss me off, heh.
I'll admit that many of the classic 2000AD stories had moments where they were less than great, but at their worst they still had enough cool factor to overlook it.

Next up is Stickleback, which I confess to not having read, but it looks like it's set in england early last century, and is basically a detective story. Nothing futuristic there.

I wonder if I can send back these pages and get a discount.

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