Monday, April 30, 2007

Grab your phone, it's World War 3

Look out, Black Adam just threw an Aircraft Carrier at New York!!* Who can save us?!

Firestorm, that's who! His partner has vanished and he needs someone to merge with. No problem, just send a text message to Firehawk and she'll be right over!

Ok, now stop and think about that for a moment. With a city about to be smashed, Jason sent a text message for backup. A text meassage. He didn't call Firehawk, oh no, why waste time actually talking, when you can type with your thumb? What if she didn't get the text? Imagine her checking her messages 3 hours later. "Ooops, oh well, guess that saves me a flight...". Atleast if he called and got no answer, he'd know to just grab some random person off the street to merge with as a last resort. Would Batman use a text message?

*(incidentally, isn't that a totally lame rendition of an aircraft carrier? I didn't realise what it actually was until 3 pages later when someone pointed to it and basically said "oh look, an aircraft carrier". The way it appears in the comic, I thought it was just a hunk of the ship's hull)

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