Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Art in close-up: Firestorm #30

Firestorm Vol.2 #30
Page 8

Pencills: Rafael Kayanan

Inks: Romeo Tanghal

Letters: John Costanza
Colours: Nansi

Writer: Joey Cavalieri

Quick summary: Firestorm has been left dazed by an encounter with a telepath. Being induced to hallucinate, he had inadvertantly caused a lot of damage by fighting imaginary bad guys, which caused him to be arrested. He's being transferred to a secure facility, when his van is hijacked by the shape-shifting Incognito.

The full pages:

A simple page design, that manages to cover a lot of ground in a small space of time. I got this particular page because it was by Rafael Kayanan, and cheap. There's Firestorm pages available by him that are asking hundreds of dollars, I got this for I think $27US. No action shots of Firestorm + me not caring = cheap page. Win. It's fair to cite Rafael as the definative 80's Firestorm artist, so I really wanted a page of his with a costume shot.

Panel 1:

Great storytelling, you know instantly what has happened leading up to it. Nice use of perspective to keep things interesting. We even get a design on one cop's sock. Simple but effective city backdrop. The lettering is all done directly on the page, the pencil guidelines are still there. Love the dust clouds.

Panel 2:

Creepy face-melting transition shot of the villain. These day's the printed page would probably have some digital blurring to give it extra movement, but I prefer things done old school.

Panel 3:

I'm not entirely sold on the perspective on Firestorm, a bit too much of either his chest or back may be visible. The Professor is a paste-on. I really like the approach to the glass pane where you can see Incognito. Some simple lines on the glass between him and FS, and more lines on the windshield infront of him. The panel has an effective background without needing lots of detail or anything fancy.

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