Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Just saw the new F4 movie today, thought I'd post a few brief thoughts:

  • Johnny taking on everyone's powers ala Super Skrull was awesome.
  • I loved the little details, like the shadow of Galactus's helmet as he passed Saturn.
  • I don't know if it's more the writing or the acting, but Doom was kinda lame.
  • Doom on the Surfboard was awesome though!
  • Getting to see Doug Jones in his actual rubber suit when depowered was great. Can we all just do away with the "Doug was there solely for motion capture" claims Fox keep spouting?
  • Fishburne was totally the wrong choice to voice the Surfer. It really threw me when he first opened his mouth. Got better as the movie went on, but still didn't quite feel right. And that's not to say Doug Jones would've sounded better, though I am firmly in the camp that believes he should've had the chance.
  • Kindof a bummer Alicia had her role taken over by Sue.
  • I'm not entirely sold on the idea of the Surfer's powers all relying on his board. Obviously they needed a way to depower him in the story, and a simple way for Doom to gain his powers, but I'm sure there were other ways.
  • It doesn't really bother me that much though. The movie was fun, and I walked out wanting to see it again.
  • There was a member of the film crew called Silver Butler! That rules (see, there's a reason to stick around and read the credits)
  • I hope Warren Ellis got some nice kickbacks, because they totally stole one of his scenes from Ultimate Extinction, namely:
  • Now that Galactus is dead, does that mean that reality should collapse, since he's one of the 3 cosmic entities required for the universe to exist?
  • Galactus is a god, and it's been established long ago that he can manifest himself in different ways. The storm cloud was cool, get over it already.
  • You can't fit 40 years of character development into a movie, and I'm glad they didn't try.

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