Friday, August 3, 2007

Art in close-up: Aquaman #36

An abridged version this time. Just got this in the mail from Canada, and had to share.

Page 14 from Aquaman #36. Breakdowns by Leonard Kirk, finishes by Andy Clarke. I love this page. It has most of the key players from SubDiego, a nice big shot of Officer Malrey, and several shots of Arthur and Lorena. Even Aquachimp, heh. Andy Clarke's work is awesome. Probably the most detailed of the 14 pages I have. Along the edge of all the shading, he puts small hatching, and at the end of each of those lines, a small dot. He uses lots and lots of dots. Check out this close-up of Aquaman's chest

Around the light parts on his costume, the scales are drawn using dots rather than full lines. Awesome effect, must've taken ages to do though.

I also love the way everyone's hair is done, giving it a sense of motion while the characters are static in panels 3 & 4. I framed this as soon as I got it, replacing the Mark Buckingham Ghost Rider 2099 page that was over my bed.

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