Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My toy collection has been steadily growing of late. I've managed to amass a decent number of Battlestar Galactica fighters, only needing to resort to eBay to get the Cylon Raiders (more still on their way, darn the slow mail). I've been surprisingly lucky finding the Vypers in-store locally.

I felt the squadron was missing something, so I add the Silver Surfer to help them out

This was custom made from an Eldar Harlequin 6mm figure from the Epic 40,000 wargame.

I cut off the gun, sword, sash, and mohawk thingy, and made the board out of 0.2mm plastic card. The Cylons don't stand a chance ;)

This weekend past, the new Justice League and First Apperances ranges from DC Direct arrived here, I picked up 3 figures.

I'm not sure I remember Blue Beetle having a 'stealth mode' (figure on the right), but oh well, it looks cool. I wanted the Black Canary figure since it was her current costume, I only have one in her old costume. Speaking of which, it took my mother to point it out, but there's a major difference between the 2 figures.

The Alex Ross-designed figure on the right actually has hips, and some meat on her legs, unlike the new model. While the new costume is a lot less, umm, personally dangerous (in an embarrassing slippage sense ;)), the older figure looks better. I do like the head on the new one though.

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