Friday, October 26, 2007

Blackblood, master interrogater

Just picked up 2000AD #1551. A new ABC Warriors story started up last issue, so I'm back to paying $7 every week for about 5 pages of story I'm interested in reading, but hey. It was worth it this week, with a brilliant exchange between the robot Blackblood, and a captured human soldier.

So, Blackblood is going through the captives gear, and finds his journal...

Can you guess what's coming next?

Yes! That's so obvious and probably quite silly, but I love it. Blackblood is always such a nasty piece of work, it's so funny to see him being a complete moron. Interrogation time!

ooh, scary!

"This is hilarious". Well yes, it is for us (well, me anyway), but not really when there's a massive war robot ready to kill you.

I say again. "massive war robot ready to kill you."

Not so funny now, is it.

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