Friday, October 12, 2007

Song Of The Week: Gypsies and Thieves

Ok, so this is in no way comics related, but sometimes I'm just more in the mood to talk music. I'll kick this thing off with the excellent:

Leatherwolf - Gypsies and Thieves

Leatherwolf being a little-known 80's metal band. Their main claim to fame was having 3 guitarists, all of whom were shit-hot. They disbanded after the excellent "Street Ready" album (1989), though oddly enough got back together for a new album last year.

'Gypsies and Thieves' starts off with a really nice atmospheric intro, showing off their approach to harmony that made them so cool. The backing vocals borrow from the Def Leppard formula, though a bit more manly than Leppard's approach. I've always loved the lead vocalist. He can hit the high notes for sure, but for the most part keeps things in a less-dating mid register. His delivery is a bit gravely in places, giving things a really interesting tone.

The song rocks along in a mid-paced groove up until 3:38, which then sees things kick into high gear with a blistering solo section, building up the tension nicely for an almost desperate final rendition of the chorus. A nice little guitar touch rounds out the ending, for an almost 5 minute song that doesn't feel anywhere near that long.

Listen. Buy their albums. Tell your friends.
Comic nonsense resumes shortly.

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