Friday, October 19, 2007

Silver Surfer: The Avengers #116

I've previously talked about the final issue of this arc, but what the hell. I'm going through my Surfer appearaces in alphabetical order, so this was next on the list. Plus, as will become clear, it had to be covered. I give you, The Avengers #116... which the Vision and Silver Surfer have a major throwdown. I'm going to skip the first 14 pages of actual plot, and just get to the important stuff:

The Silver Surfer has been dispatched to an island by Dr Strange to find an artifact. Much like C3PO, he finds himself with unwanted attention from some simple villagers.

Annoying villagers are not without their uses though. Having searched everywhere for the artifact, the chief mentions the volcano.

Clearly the massive volcano right next to the village was too insignificant to search in the first place. So, he flies off to investigate, trying to swim through the lava, which turns out not to work since it's actually, y'know, molten rock, not water.

Meanwhile, the Vision (should that be The Vision? Or just Vision? Damn you and your character names, Stan Lee *waves fist*) and Scarlet Witch (The Scarlet Witch?...) fly in, because two heroes can't have a fight if they aren't both there (unless you're Prof X or something I guess).
Back to the Surfer. Having given up trying to swim through it, he decides to start blasting the lava with his cosmic energy. Surely no harm can come from that, right?

"By the head of my father"!!!


Ok, so the volcano erupts. The Avengers jet takes a major hit and is destroyed, leaving Wanda to fall to her death! *gasp*
Which is basically what Vision says as he floats there watching her. He wakes up though

Who'd have thought, a hero actually figures out they should stop talking and actually act. Maybe he should've let her fall, think of all the hassle he would've saved himself years later...
What does he think of the Surfer's actions?

It's safe to say he's pissed. And there we have it, the reason for Robot and Herald to throwdown. Game on.

"..because war is-- HELL"!

The Surfer really should learn some fighting techniques, he's always getting saved by that board of his. Except when he uses it to fly into walls, like now

It's a case of villagers to the rescue though. Thinking the volcano god is angry, they decide they need a sacrafice. Who better than the strange woman, conveniently lying unconcious nearby?

Quick guys, better wrap things up fast!

The Surfer makes a dash for the artifact, and The Vision chooses his woman, since he notices she's not employing the duck and cover method, and is in serious danger.

Hmmm, looks like the Avengers and the Defenders are going to have words...

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