Monday, March 1, 2010

Assorted thoughts

Just a few brief things I've found interesting/amusing over the last month.

I took a punt and added Blackest Night: Flash to my pull list when it was announced, since Geoff Johns making the Flash + Firestorm connection seemed obvious. Issue 1 was a bust, but the final 2 issues paid off. Only a brief appearance in #3, but it rules:

Barry fighting off Firestorm with a Firehawk ring construct is brilliant.

Slightly more puzzling than brilliant, is the question of just what the hell happened to Power Girl's boob window in the last issue of JSA All Stars.

I'm sure it was there last month...

Issue 4 of Realm Of Kings: Royal Guard had this interesting little sequence:

hmmm, fire-guy gets his containment field breached, and explodes. I'm sure I've seen that before somewhere...

Finally, just because I love me some tough-guy talk:

From Secret Six, naturally.

Also thought I'd mention incase I'm not the only one that almost never reads any sort of Previews type thing (either in print or online), the ORIGINAL X-FACTOR lineup is back, seemingly carrying on close to where it left off, with Louise Simonson back writing it. I am stoked, as that comic remains my all-time favourite. Will it live up to my memory of the original? Probably not, but I'm just glad I'm going to have back 5 characters that I used to really care about, in a form I recognise (that is, without the past 15 years of X-men baggage and assorted tinkering). Thank goodness for those little preview pages in the back of comics, or I may well never have found out about this.

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