Thursday, March 25, 2010

Better Luck Next Time

I really don't like to be negative on this thing. There's too many negative blogs out there, but I feel bummed enough to want to comment.

I love Moon Knight. He was the favourite character of my best friend in high school, so I got to read his collection, and I've built up my own over the years after I found him to be pretty darn cool. I own MK original art. I want to read an ongoing Moon Knight title. The problem is, the current one isn't very good.

I noticed a problem with issue #5, in that it took 3 minutes to read, literally. I know this because I was on the train, and I started reading it just as we entered a tunnel. The tunnel takes 3.5 minutes to go through, and I'd finished the book before we left the tunnel. Bummer. Maybe every issue was like that and I just didn't notice, but I figured it had to be a one-off. So today issue #6 arrives...

The following is the title page getting you up to speed:

The sort of thing you'd take about a minute to read through. It's 436 words. Which leads me to the problem. The following 22 pages contain just 502 words (see, I care about Moon Knight enough to actually do a word count). That's 502 including various "aarghs!" from the fight scenes, but minus the "wham!" sound effects.

Now, the artist is doing a hell of a job. Really nice stuff. And you get to see it all too, because there's multiple pages with little or no text. It's your typical cinematic approach to writing comics which is good for some things, but not for delivering value for money. By way of comparrison, in the new X-Factor Forever #1, Louise Simonson hits 500 words about halfway through page 7. Writer Gregg Hurwitz has actually told a decent tale in this series, it's just that it's a screenplay for a movie, not a script for a comic book.

So yeah, this was the long way of saying Moon Knight's dropped.

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