Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey, It's Almost An Actual Book Thingy

Day Four (3, 2, 1...) of turning my Power Girl collection from Near Mint into whatever condition allows for multiple holes punched in the spines.

So yeah, while yesterday I said I was waiting overnight to finish off the cover, it turns out I lack patience. I figured a few hours was long enough, so I took the liberty of folding over the edges of the paper.

Not a particularly challenging step, and self explanitory. Back under the weights to rest in peace for the remainder of the night. Incase I forgot to mention it before, there needs to be a gap between the spine and the covers, so that the book will actually close ;)

So now we're in to Day 4 proper, and with the cover finished, it's time to connect everything and make it look like the real thing. The first move is to position the book block along the spine, and then glue the material to the front cover.

I'm actually trying a slightly different method for the cover this time. I might review what I think works better once it's all done.

Once the glue's been worked in a little, the tapes get glued. Conventional wisdom suggests that you trim the cloth and tapes to be 1 or 2" long but a) this is all that holds the book together and I'm nervous, and b) I like to overdo things.

I was using scrap black card to smooth them out hence the blackish tinge to everything, it's not actually something important ;) Repeat everything for the back cover, though of course the core will need to be proped up, since closing the front cover at this stage will cause one or two problems...

Then it's more weights (I knew all my spare Rage cards would come in handy one day), and leaving it until tomorrow. Only one more thing to do and it's done!


Nicole MacDonald said... you are actually going to leave it overnight this time..right?

Jon said...

Well yes, although I changed it's position about 3 times during the course of the night, and had a quick check of it all before heading off to work in the morning ;)