Thursday, June 10, 2010

Victory Or Death! But Hopefully Victory.

Book binding project Day 5 (4, 3, 2, 1), and today things will either wind up awesome or be a screaming faliure.

There's one final step to finish things off completely, but now that the core is joined to the cover, we have an actual book:

It even stands up, as by some miracle I made the cover straight.

But sure, anyone can make a book look good on the outside, does this thing actually open in a way that's readable?


It opens up in the middle great too:

With everything as it should be, there's just the final cosmetic finisher: the cover and end sheets to hide the inside covers. I thought red card would go well with the gold cover, plus it ties in to PG's costume (and is more interesting than plain old white). For this we'll need a sheet of card that's twice as wide as the book (minus a little since it doesn't need to go right to the edge.

I figured I'd go with comic size, plus a little extra. Fold the card in half, and then spread out some glue.

To avoid breaking everything, prop the book open. In this case I had the help of Y: The Last Man vols 1-3.

Important note: don't get confused about which side of the card you glued ;)

Repeat for the back of the book. Now it looks presentable. The final step is to glue about 1/4" of the first page (and last page) to the cover sheet, both to hide the inner workings, and to add a final bit of strength to the whole contraption.

Just like a bought one, only more satisfying.

So yeah, this turned out awesome. I didn't take a pic of it, but the book will actually open out completely flat, and without showing any signs of being under stress. I much prefer the method of making the cover that I used this time. I was a bit iffy about binding 20 issues but it looks really cool, a nice solid volume (I just know that at some point I'll have to try binding the entire run of 52 into a single volume. I need help, and I don't mean with the binding...).

Tomorrow I'll do a review of the whole process,a few thoughts, comparisons with my first project etc

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