Monday, June 7, 2010

Waiting For Glue Really Sucks

Comic Book Binding* Day 3 (Day 2, Day 1)

Today, I get to survey my handiwork and (hopefully) have it not all fall apart.

Hey, looks like that glue was useful for something after all. There's always a slight issue with removing the surrounding wood/paper from the clamps (by "always" I mean the 2 times I've done it, but I can't really see any way around it). A bit of gentle pressure releases the actual comics, and you're left with this:

The inner 1/4" of the cover to #1 is eventually going to get attatched to the cover sheet, so all that mess of material will be well hidden.

With the core of the book completed, the next step is to make it look like, well, a book.

Measure out boards (just regular cardboard) for the front and back covers to be slightly bigger than the comic. It needs to be think card- I used the thickest I could find from the art store on my first project, but it wasn't think enough it turns out, since there's been some warping already. A visit to the stationary supply store in the weekend was more successful. A strip of card also needs to be cut for the spine. Frustratingly, I couldn't measure that up until after the block had dried and was removed from the clamps. That's annoying, as we'll see later.

You then glue the boards to a cover material- paper, cloth, leather etc. I found a cool metallic paper that also has a cloth feel to the back of it, it's very flexable but very strong. With the boards in place, stick some weights on it, and leave it overnight to dry. Yeah, that's the annoying part I mentioned earlier, since from here on out things are entirely at the mercy of glue drying times. It would've been nice to've gotten this set up while the previous step was drying, but until it was dry I wasn't willing to set the spine width in stone. It's not like you can change things once it's done. Oh well.

Tomorrow, a combination of finishing off the cover and if I'm lucky, attatching the core to the boards.

*I'm sure there's an obvious joke about binding Power Girl, but for everyone's sanity let's not go there ;)


Nicole MacDonald said...

looks like fiddly work :)

Jon said...

The sewing certainly is, but that's the hard part. PVA glue is pretty forgiving if you mess things up the first time. It doesn't really take as much effort as it looks though, or atleast, nowhere near what I was expecting.