Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flash and Firestorm vs Atomic Skull!

The Flash decides it's a nice day for a run across Metropolis Harbour. He breaks the sound barrier and triggers a sonic boom, but wasn't paying attention to where he was!

First of all yes, those pink rings are his sonic boom. I've never seen a sonic boom, so that may, in fact, be what it looks like.
Second of all- a floating prison at 20,000 feet?
Anyway, the Flash realises his mistake, and decides to check if he caused any damage to the prison. One short plane ride later...


Apparently, the floating prison also has floating unconcious security guards. (seriously, where did the artist think the light source for the shadow was coming from??)

The Flash has bigger things to worry about though. He broke Superman's prison, and released...

Atomic Skull (!).
This comic came out in 1981, which is when I was introduced to comics. So basically over my entire comic book reading life, they've felt the need to include a footnote explaining what S.T.A.R means. We must all be slow leaners. (Marvel doesn't think you know what S.H.I.E.L.D means either) Isn't the whole point of an acronym so that you don't have to write out the entire phrase?

Atomic Skull does his thing, and blasts Flash with radiation, then goes off to cause trouble elsewhere. Flash, realising he will soon die without help, decides to seek out Firestorm so he can absorb the radiation, which he does. It has a pretty cool effect on Firestorm though. Behold, drunk Firestorm!

Oh no! Guess the only way to save him is to blast the radiation back at Atomic Skull. Because blasting the radiation harmlessly out to space would be boring.

Flash risks everything (well, his clothes anyway), by grabbing the drunk Firestorm around the waist. Don't think it's risky? Go stand outside a bar on a Friday night and try it on people as they walk out.

Firestorm isn't really interested in a fight though.


There's only one way to make Firestorm focus- abuse the crap out of him.

In a genius move of misdirection, Flash gets Firestorm mad enough to shoot at him. But clever Flash was standing in front of Atomic Skull, so all he has to do is get out of the way, and the villain is toast. Excellent.

With the radiation gone, Firestorm sobers up, but he's a sloppy drunk- he can't remember what happened the night before.

Poor old Zatanna, all she really needed to do was buy Batman a few Beers. If only she knew.

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