Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1980. When men were men, and...

...there were some strange ads in comics. ROM: Spaceknight #3, starting on the inside cover:

"The trouble with most air guns is they're too big for smaller kids to handle"
Because little kids really really need to play with guns. Solution? Smaller guns! Brilliant!
"Part of being a kid is owning a Crosman"
Or put another way, "Part of being a kid is being able to blow the living shit out of birds, mice, and other small animals".

I get the impression that these guys will take your poetry and use it in their songs, charging you for the privellege ("Free examination"?). I guess it's a neat idea for those that aren't going to be writing their own songs, but it strikes me that the concept would be a copyright nightmare these days.

"Hey, are you skinny and feeling self concious about it? Well, just hop aboard our time machine and we'll transport you to 2007, where you'll fit right in and have masses of guys drooling over you!".
A weight gain ad. How times have changed (and not neccessarily for the better).

That's cool! I want some seahorses! That would be awesome, but getting posted airmail would've sucked for the seahorses.

$0.50 discount on first order. Lame by today's standards, but awesome back then, since the comic it was in was only 40 cents anyway.

Which brings us to the inside back cover:

"So you can just stick the fun in your pocket"
Do I really need to say anything?

It just occurred to me that I have the Batmobile in that ad, bought during a family visit to Hawaii when I was 4. Heh, cool. I didn't stick the fun in my pocket until I was much older though.

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