Saturday, November 10, 2007

Japanese Anime Black Metal

I have just discovered the greatest thing ever. Black metal with Anime vocals. Yes, really.

The band is Gallhammer. A female trio from Japan who I, like many people I'm sure, discovered thanks to Nocturno Culto's recent dvd. I've really liked what I've heard of them since, and despite a handful of disbelieving critics who thought it could only be a joke (Black Metal from Japan? And women?), I took them seriously. Now I'm not so sure.

I decided to download the new album, which has the song "Blind My Eyes". A pretty cool song. Up until 1:31 into the song, at which point the backing vocals kick in. Psycho anime. I've tried unsuccessfully to find a free download of the full song for your viewing pleasure, but this will do in a pinch:

Blind My Eyes

Click on the preview of track 2, and you'll get a good 30 second dose of what I'm talking about. I encourage you to buy the track, it's cheap and well worth it.

I'm not sure if this is terrible or brilliant, but I can't stop listening to it.


Anonymous said...

i love blackmetal, but i can't stand gallhammer - they are 1000% gimmick!
AWFUL Burzum-worship by three girls who've never played an instrument before forming the band, and it certainly sounds like it. get a real BM education, please.

Jon said...

"1000% gimmick" is a bit harsh, they have some decent songs. Certainly the "buzz" the media have been trying to create around them is completely overblown and due to the "OMG, girls" factor, but that's hardly the band's fault.

eh, your last sentence is pretty worthless. Leave the "my viking axe is bigger than yours" attitude behind, you'll enjoy life more.

SaturnDescendS said...

my axe is damned massive, it's why i enjoy life.