Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guest Appearances: Firestorm vs All-Star Squadron

I've been doing this for the Silver Surfer, now I'm going to start including appearances by Firestorm, since I'm a completist nut about both characters. Just to reiterate, the point of these "Guest Appearance" posts is not to review the comic as such, but to look at how the character in question is addressed. And so that others can be discouraged from the brilliant idea of buying comics sight-unseen because a checklist somewhere said it has an appearance by X character (not to be confused with the actual X character)

So we kick things off with All-Star Squadron #14. The rollcall on the cover has the JLA, JSA, and Squadron, and look, there's Firestorm.

Things open with a grim scene.

Hey, the Justice League would be really handy against Degaton, I hope they turn up soon!

*23 pages later*

Oh, there they are.

I'm glad they put that character list on the cover, because I would've been totally confused without it.

And with that, it's time for All-Star Squadron #15.

Will Firestorm actually do anything this issue?

I mean other than team up with Aquaman and bug PowerGirl.

Oh hey, he gets to fill in the assembled heroes on what's happened so far. That's pretty important. Dr Fate totally cuts him off though.

Then he has to spoil it all by being an idiot.

"Youngster"? Oh the insult!

Ronnie, you're in high school. Get over it.

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