Saturday, November 3, 2007

Silver Surfer: The Avengers # 157

Well, it was 41 issues between drinks, but Marvel finally got around to having The Defenders meet up with The Avengers to discuss their battle with Dormamu. Yep, it's Avengers #157

Hey kids, bonus game! Can you spot the Silver Surfer in this panel?

Vision is still a little touchy about how things went down.

But hey, simple explanation:

"Honest, guys. We totally thought you were under a spell. I mean, why else would you oppose us? We were only trying to put together a powerful weapon with the word 'evil' in it's name. No big deal"

Hey guess what? That's it for old chrome dome in this issue. Two panels. As I've aluded to previously with these 'guest appearance' things, sometimes being a completist isn't all that great of an idea.

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