Wednesday, February 6, 2008

East Meets West, West Steals From East

It was obviously deliberate (atleast, I hope so!), but in Firestorm #69 they totally ripped off Guyver, with the introduction of a new villain, the Zuggernaut!

A strange artifact gets discovered beside a lake.

Just like Guyver.

It envelops it's host in tentacles.

Just like Guyver.

Apart from the teeth, Zuggernaut's armour plating is identical in it's layout.

Hey look, it shoots a beam from it's forehead. I wonder who else does that?

Oh, that's right.

Zuggernaut isn't the only one with a Mega-Smasher.
Those things look fake ;)

Plus he has elbow blades.

I bet those would be handy, eh Guyver?
Interestingly, Zuggernaut would look decidedly different in his next appearance a few issues later. Coincidence?

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