Monday, February 18, 2008

Nostalgia Week: A.B.C. Warriors

Continuing my week-long look at my comics past, it's the ABC Warriors, who I first discovered with 2000AD #124

This issue was published in 1979. Before you ask, I can assure you I was not some hyper-advanced 2-year-old. I got this some time between 1982 - 1984. My school had a gala day where you could buy donated comics (and all manner of assorted junk) for something like 20 cents or whatever, and this is one of the ones I picked up. It wasn't my first issue of 2000AD, but it was my first glimpse of the "mek-nificent seven".

Hammerstein is busy recruiting members for his team. Next on his list is Deadlock, the head robot of a strange robotic mystical cult. Deadlock has agreed to join if Hammerstein can defeat him in battle. But first, both robots must draw from a tarrot deck.

Deadlock does this occassionally in Warriors storylines, resulting in some quite cool card designs, most noteably during Simon Bisley's run in the late 80's.

Cards, drawn. Fight, begin.

It's not a fair fight though. Deadlock has a bunch of tricks up his metal sleeve and Hammerstein can't land a blow. He tries to rationalise it as tricks with electromagnets and suchlike, but Deadlock declares his power is rooted in the occult. Who's gonna argue?


Hey, they drew cards at the start of this thing, right?

That ten-of-swords is starting to look really bad. He's dragged off back to their lair for the cerimonial being-impaled-by-ten-swords ritual.
Ouch. But Hammerstein's tough, right?


Deadlock, tied to ritual by his beliefs, is thusly forced to join the Warriors.

Pat Mills has been rather hit-or-miss with his stories over the years, but the ABC Warriors are still cool.

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