Monday, February 25, 2008

Ummm....... WTF?

I try to keep it clean here, but I need to vent for a moment...


I just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. An interesting series about giant "robots" hitting things, and how does it end? With a giant naked 14-year-old girl and a bunch of metaphysical crap.

I want my two weeks back.

So obviously there's an underlying theolgical theme across the whole series, but a bunch of shit just pops out of nowhere at the end (for instance the 9 Eva units), and the world ends.

Shinji's character development was for nothing, because in the end he reverted to his former self, unable to bring himself to pilot his Eva, thus consigning Oska and her Eva to death. Then when he configures reality, wakes up next to Oska, and strangles her. Maybe him reverting was the point, but that makes him a pretty unsympathetic main character ultimately.

Which is to say nothing of the complete bollocks the original 2 final episodes were. Man, that series was fun for 24 episodes, but they had two goes at the final 2 episodes, and pretty much ruined everything on both attempts.

And what the HELL is the deal with that penguin?

OK, I feel a tiny bit better. Carry on.


Esbat said...

Yeah, I didn't even watch the entire series but I saw the end and... whoa... I DO NOT want to see the rest. Its like Joe Quesada saw that and went "Hey, lets fuck up spider-man like that!"

Jon said...

I'm still bummed about this. It's safe to watch up to episode 24. It's full of possibilities. The ending could've gone any number of directions and been awesome, but it didn't.

Just watch the first 24 episodes and then make up your own ending.