Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nostalgia Week: Silver Surfer

I've previously covered how I came to be aware of the Silver Surfer, today it's time for a look at the first comic of his I read. SS #40 (1990) by Starlin and Lim.

There used to be a little bookshop in a nearby city that would carry titles noone else did. It's long since departed, but I made a few cool discoveries there.

We begin on Titan, with a gathering to mark the death of Thanos at the Surfer's hands.

Drax has a little fit and storms off, but everyone else is just glad the threat of a mass killer is over. SS leaves, promising to keep an eye out incase Thanos isn't really dead (not that that kind of thing ever happens...). However, he's about to have an unexpected run-in of sorts with his foe. Mid-flight, he's hailed by a strange robot.

The droid hails from Dynamo City, which Thanos had apparently become a recent citizen of. Their judiciary insists on investigating the deaths of all citizens, and call upon SS to give evidence at the inquiry. He rejects their summons, however he can't resist when offered the carrot of viewing Thano's last will and testament.

What is Dynamo City? I'm glad you asked. It's a large self-contained city floating in space.
(It takes up two pages, so you know it's really big)

Entering a landing bay, the Silver One makes an unpleasant discovery. Crossing the threshold, his board and powers both mysteriously vanish, leaving him to ungracefully crash along the deck.

Energy being their currency, Dynamo City have the tech to strip most forms of energy from anyone that enters. Internal currency isn't much good if you can just bring your own with you, after all.

As you would expect, he's not overly thrilled about it.

Nor is he particularly good at hand to hand combat.

SS comes to in a court room with the session already underway. He gets the pleasure of a brain scan to pull out the memories of his final encounter with Thanos.

Having been given all relevant info, the jury retires to consider it's verdict. Hey, there's a few minutes to kill, may as well go view that Will. Turns out that it specifically addresses The Silver Surfer. What kind words does Thanos have?

That sounds ominous, and has SS expecting the court to trump up charges against him. He's wrong though, and the jury finds that Thanos's death was self defence since he was, well, trying to kill half the population of the Milky Way. Hearing over, Surfer free to go. Guess Thanos wasn't as clever as he thought.

Which is how it looks, until he tries to leave. Seems there's a departure tax for leaving.

Just what does one do when they have no money?

Burrrrrrrrnnnnn. Poor old Surfey is left facing the prospect of getting a job.

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