Saturday, April 12, 2008

Guest Appearance: Firestorm in Countdown (pt 1)

I'm assuming it's in preparation for Final Crisis that my local store just got in a bunch of Countdown back issues. Either that, or someone defaulted on their subscription. Whatever the reason, it's made my job of finding Firestorm-related issues a bit easier. In a continuation of my task to provide reasons why collecting character appearances is a bad idea, I present two issues of Countdown:

#15, by Dini, Bedard, Woods, Derenick, and Faucher.

Hey look, it's Ronnie! Hi, Ronnie!

Sure it's only a photo of the old JLA, but that's about the only way we get to see him these days, so I'll take what I can get. On to more modern concerns, what's Jason up to?

Great, he's been captured and someone's using him as a battery. Nice going, Jason.

#9, by Dini, GrayMiotti (so inseperable they deserve an amalgamated name ala Brangelina), Derenick, and Faucher.

Firestorm's spent the 5 weeks since we last saw him doing a bunny impersination, but it's looking up. That dead Robin guy is looking to break him out. Purely to save his own ass, because that's how Dead Robin Guy rolls, but whatever.

Will his cunning plan work?

Hey, you try powering some giant, umm, thing (I don't know, I didn't really read this) for 6+ weeks and see how battle ready you are.

Dead Robin Guy and his friends* fight off the Omacs (without Firestorm). That should just leave Brother Eye to deal with.

Ha. Jason made a Brother Eye joke. What a kidder.

That pesky satellite has other ideas though, and activates a boom tube. I actually have no idea if Eye uses it to leave, to transport the heroes somewhere, to bring in a bunch of Omacs, or some combination of the above, but suddenly things aren't looking so flash.
Will Firestorm get it together long enough to help fight? Find out next week...**

*they're not really his friends
**or whenever I get around to it

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