Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guest Appearance: Silver Surfer in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Ever found yourself wondering what the Silver Surfer would be like in the 31st century? Well today is your lucky day. In part one of a two part special feature*, we take a look at Guardians Of The Galaxy #24. Inks by Ken Lopez, everything else by Jim Valentino.

So there's some boring character development stuff with the Guardians for the first 8 pages, which I'll spare you, because who really needs to see that? Look out the window, it's some silver guy:**

Ok... he's silver, but there's no board, just some dorky red sheet. Did he just come from a toga party? And what's with the quantum bands, isn't that just being greedy when you already have the power cosmic?

The Surfer's heading to earth, seemingly to save everyone from Galactus. The Guardians Of The Galaxy aren't too pleased to see him though:

Superhero-misunderstanding-fight ensues. The two parties had a run in some 500 years earlier, SS kicking their asses in the process. Will anybody see sense?

Wait... "NO"? WTF? Atleast he's honest, I guess...

SS decides to put a stop to things, and the heroes all gather by a stream for a group hug

Did I mention he stops the fight by stopping time? Power Cosmic + Quantum Bands = scary shit. Anyway, it dawns on the Guardians that their disagreement actually was 500 years ago and they really should be over it. Surfey starts to tell them what he's been up to since they last met. It seems Galactus tried to eat Earth again (what is that, the 5th time?), so SS, Firelord, and 26th Century Thor took him on.

Things didn't go according to plan:

Nice one, nimrods, you killed the girl. Galactus informs them that he's "above such petty conceits as revenge", and leaves. Not being killed by a god? Good. God deciding he no longer wants a herald and will just eat whatever the hell he feels like from now on? Not so good.

So, we've had Galactus threaten Earth again. Y'know what would make this thing really rock? Have Zenn-La in danger of blowing up. That's new, right? No? Oh...

Ooooops, too late.

What caused this to happen, and how is it relevant now? You'll have to wait, because our story gets interrupted by some big ugly dude with some bad news.

Uh-oh, Galactus tricked everyone, he's really after the home planet of one of the Guardians. That seems as good a reason as any for a team-up. Everyone strike a cool pose!

Stay tuned for the next installment, where we just might learn where that surfboard has gone. And possibly why SS is wearing a sheet.

*not really a special feature
**I don't know why, but my scanner distorted the 2 page spread, he doesn't really look that bad

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