Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guest Appearance: Silver Surfer in Guardians Of The Galaxy, pt2

Picking up from last time, the Surfer continues the story of how he became The Keeper.

Zenn-La having been destroyed, SS hung around in the ruins of the planet, sulking. Which is quite understandable. Eventually he decides that Galactus has been responsibile for everything bad that's ever happened to him, and damn it, he's going to make him pay!

Emo Surfer takes on Galactus, with predictable results. He has his board destroyed, his silver coating removed, and the power cosmic stripped. The only thing that saves him are the quantum bands.

I don't think I mentioned it last time, but Eon had given SS the bands and made him "Protector Of The Universe" *cue trumpets*

He's left drifting in space close to death, when he's found by a Watcher, who's not much of one, because he saves him.

Once removed from the universe, the Watcher sets about teaching him about the Quantum Bands powers. It's all very zen, as he's told that the power cosmic lies within him. SS, being the stubborn bugger he is, takes many years to convince but eventually he restores his own powers and recoats himself. A quick name change later, and it's time to go annoy Galactus some more.

So that's his back story. Back in the present, the Guardians find Galactus, and try to distract him while SS goes down to the planet. Fortunately there's only one city on the planet, which he teleports to a nearby world. Apparently this takes up all his energy, but then this happens: I guess it didn't.

Giant Silver Surfer proceeds to kick galactic ass

...which is made all the easier by Galactus electing to make excuses rather than fight back. Who would've thought an all powerful god would be such a whiner? SS is about to kill him, when the ever-rational Eon steps in.

Then, in a moment that would've undoubtably spawned Galactus/SS slash fic had it been written 10 years later, the Surfer "feeds" Galactus. A new partnership is spawned, and the Giant Purple One's planet eating days are put behind him.

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