Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OMG, Iron Man rules!

Damn that was an awesome movie. Robert Downey Jr was perfect for Tony Stark. Loved the dancing pole in his private jet. I was worried it was going to drag a bit, being over 2 hours long, but it flew by. I need to see it again, but that just may be the best superhero movie ever.

And since I'm making a largely irrelevant post, I may as well add to it...

This week in comics sucked for me. I just dropped JLA and Birds Of Prey (and Brave & The Bold) last week, so that meant no comics for me this week :( We're a week behind the USA, incase you were wondering. I suppose on the bright side I saved $15 on the two comics I dropped, but it sucks coming home empty handed.

I'm on holiday and had been trying to post daily for the 3 weeks. I've been close, the last couple of days are a bust though. I'm working on something (very) different that I hope to be a regular feature, but it's taking longer to organise than I expected. Should be all systems go by the weekend though, fingers crossed. It should rock your world.

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