Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How Not To Treat Girls, Featuring Firestorm

Martin "Ladies Man" Stein provides todays lesson:

How to handle dating your boss 101.

Current dating "wisdom" dictates that you should act casual and nonchalant when considering an invitation. Martin is a man of action though, and dispenses with such pretense. So should you.

No mucking around, just straight to the point. And quick to remember the most important part: timing. None of this "I'll send you a text later" bollocks.

Once the date is set up, you need to do some planning.

This can be particularly stressful, while you worry about what to wear, whether she'll like your aftershave...

... or small things like actually owning a car to pick up your date.

If you don't know your prospect very well, it pays to do a little digging. People that know her are a good place to start.

Usually. Sometimes this will just make you more nervous.

It's unfortunate, but sometimes a date doesn't go so well. Exit strategy is a delicate science.

Always have a backup story incase she doesn't buy your initial excuse.

Particularly when it's your boss, using a work related alibi may infact lessen the blow. She'll still be annoyed you're bailing, but some part of her will respect your dedication. If you're lucky, that is.

As a last resort, merge with your superhero partner and vanish.
Being a student of good preparation paid off for Martin. Finding out her true nature beforehand left him well prepared to handle the events of the evening, namely:

Imagine what a disaster that could've been if he'd recieved her proposition without some advance warning.

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