Sunday, January 7, 2007

The amazing Vigilante #1, a grim and gritty crime fighter

Adrian Chase, former lawyer, embarks on the very first issue of his own series as The Vigilante. He's tough, and he'll kill you! And he is in no way is a rip off of The Punisher. Honest!

Things are looking bad for mob boss Quilt!

Almost there!

Vigilante confronts his prey, and they engage in a manly game of handball!!!

Fortunately, the Vigilante is a really bad loser, and takes him down! Suck on that, bad guy.

Oh yeah, and there's some lame-ass hired killer by the name of 'Brand', who has the genius idea to name himself after his weapon of choice. Yes, he will burn the letter 'B' into your face. The 'B' stands for 'Brand', since that's his name and that's what he'll do to you. Genius!

Thankfully Vigilante does us all a favour, and kills him too. Because really, who needs to see that again?

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