Friday, January 26, 2007

Super Friends art

I recently got around to figuring out how to use Paypal with a credit card, so now the eBay world is my oyster. My first purchase is this way cool animation cell from the Super Friends cartoon.

It's joined a convention sketch, by Phil Jimenez, on my bedroom wall.

The cell measures about 13" by 11". Unfortunately it's going to have to stay on the white backing card it came on, since the paint is stuck to it, and I don't have the balls to try removing it. I also don't have the heart to cut it down in size, despite 3/4's of it being empty space. That would be a bigger crime against comics than the Catwoman movie.

Part of me is always skeptical about the authenticity of this kind of thing. It looks real, but then how the hell would I know ;) Doesn't matter though, this looks really friggin cool, and was totally worth what I paid.

I have a few more Firestorm art pieces on their way, more showing off when they arrive.


aengus said...

How much did you pay for it? I have a signed character design cell of Aquaman and a female character I don't recognize from the Superfriends cartoon. It is signed and I'm trying to gauge the value. Thanks.

Jon said...

It was either $50US or $55, I forget which. I remember at the time there were also some Ronnie Raymond cells for around $35, and I think I've seen Batman cells go for around what I paid.