Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Now I can't wait for April

April signals the annual Science Fiction/ Pop Culture convention in my home city. The website was just updated with some of the guests they've arranged.

Aaron Douglas and Susan Eisenberg are the ones I'm most stoked for. Although I just thought of this; Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica hasn't screened here yet (although I got it on DVD several months ago, and promptly devoured it in 5 days). That might make panel discussions a bit awkward, particularly talking about season 3. Anyway, this will probably* call for me to lay down my $50 (or whatever they decide to charge this time) and get an autograph. I've never actually been motivated to get a signature from any of the actors before, I always seem to get in to their shows after they've been here (there's been numerous Babylon 5 and Farscape people over the years).

The comic guests aren't as majorly awesome as they were last time (Geoff Johns and Phil Jimenez, attending a week before the final Crisis issue came out), I guess primarily because I'm not really familiar with their work. Although this would be a good chance to get my Green Lantern: Circle Of Fire mini series signed (it's not anything special, but it's got Firestorm in it). I don't think I've read anything by Jimmy Cheung, but I'll make a bit of an effort to check him out now.

Oh, and I just remembered. Some guy named Billy Dee Williams is coming.

Ok, I guess I'll be paying for 2 autographs...

*providing I don't blow $500 on comics on the first day, like I did last year

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